Tourist map - description

Tourist map provides the folllowing functions:

  1. Hypsometry

    The layer contains background reflecting AMSL (visible until the defined zoom) as well as tints and shades highlighting the differences in height between locations:

  2. Tourist routes

    The layer contains the course of chosen tourist, landscape and sport routes divided into route type and route category (according to the categorization differentiating routes using colors):

    1. route types:
      • walking route,
      • bicycle route,
      • horse route,
      • ski route.
    2. route categories (tourist routes colors):
      • blue,
      • green,
      • yellow,
      • red,
      • black.

  3. Tourist POIs

    Tourist POIs is a special POI database important for every tourist, traveler or sportsman. The database includes i.a. following categories:

      shepherd's hut
      mountain bufet
      GOPR,TOPR station (mountain rescue services))
      camping site
      road cross
      mountain pass
      bus stop
      view spot
      height point
      castle ruins
      solitary rock
      mountain hostel
      ski jumps
      mountain top
      hard mountain path
      tourist shed
      RTV tower
      skiing equipment/bikes rentals
      springs/rivers sources
      natural monument
      burg city
      palace, mansion
      harbour, marina
      tourist information
      horse riding facility